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Benefit From The Lottery Without Winning
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Welcome to Confused To Confident Where You Can Benefit From The Lottery Without Winning

Hello all you wonderful women. What would you do if you won ten million dollars in the lottery tomorrow?


Winning The Lottery

I think everyone wishes they could win the lottery, even those of us who never buy a ticket. There’s something about being given a large chunk of money that’s exciting and thrilling. Why is it then that so many of those people who do win the lottery, end up broke and miserable after a very short time?

The Lottery Is A Life Changer

Coming into a bunch of money all of a sudden, can be a life changer. Unfortunately, it can be a change for the worse. Dealing with money tends to bring out the worst in people. Look at the statistics; many marriages end because of money issues, people turn on their sisters and brothers when an inheritance is an issue, and people do all kinds of things they don’t want to do so they can keep their job and the money it brings in. Money can cause so many negative results that it’s been called “the root of all evil”.

Money Is Not Evil

Now, in no way is money evil, it’s just a piece of paper, or chunk of metal, or an electronic transfer. There’s nothing evil about any of those things. What I want you to look at this week is the way you let money control your life. The reason behind this week’s activity is to figure out what we really want in our life and how we use money as an excuse or reason for not getting it.

Don't Be Afraid

Once you take money out of the equation, many of us would not be living our lives the way we are. I’m here to tell you, you can live your life however you want to no matter how much money you have. The thing that keeps us most stuck is a fear, and the basis of that fear is money. It doesn’t matter if you are a millionaire, you could still be worried if you should put half of that million into this venture or that one. You base decisions on what is the safest or what will bring you the most money, not on what will bring you the most joy. It’s a strange phenomenon how we let money run our lives and dictate our decisions.

Do the activity this week and start making decision for your life without being under the control of money.

Activity - Benefit Without Winning The Lottery

We all can throw out some crazy ideas about what we would do if we won the lottery, but this week I want you to figure out what you would REALLY do.

Step 1

If you won a lottery tomorrow where they will pay you a hundred million dollars every year what would your life look like a year from now? Be detailed answering questions like:

Where would you live?

What would you do with your time every day?

How would you dress?

What kind of vehicle(s) would you drive?

Would it change the way you eat?

Step 2

Look at the above answers and determine how your life would be different from the one in Step 1 if your lottery win was only ten million every year.

Step 3

What would be different about your life from Step 2 if your lottery winnings were only a one-time million-dollar payout?

Step 4

Here’s the important step. Look at the differences in each of the scenarios and look at how they differ from the life you now lead. What things that are really meaningful to you are you giving up because of money?

Step 5

Now the game changer. Start figuring out how to have those things that are meaningful to you, even if you think you need more money to have them.


If you would travel around the world every year if you had more money, look at getting a job on a cruise ship that tours the world.

The idea here is to start taking control of your life. Start doing the things that are meaningful and important to you. Money is not the goal, it can be one means to a goal but there are other options too. You only have a certain amount of time to live this life. Why live it in fear? Instead of worrying about money, use that energy to figure out creative ways to make your life the most fulfilling and joyful one you can imagine. We don’t seem to have any problem coming up with reasons why not, let’s start coming up with how we can.

Let me know if you tried the "Benefit Without Winning The Lottery" activity by commenting below.
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