Checking in at Confused to Confident

Checking In

Welcome to Confused To Confident Where You Decide

Hi all you wonderful women. This week is going to be short. I'm just checking in to see where we’re at. I started this blog last year in an attempt to connect with, and help, women. I haven’t gotten much feedback in the comments or emails so I’m not sure the goal is being accomplished. Please help me evaluate if these posts are a good idea and if they've been helpful to anyone.


I realize it takes a while to build a following so here’s the deal; if the information in these blog posts is helpful or interesting to even five people, I will continue to post. If it isn’t, then it’s probably time to try something different.

If you would like to see the blog continue, all you need to do is let me know in the comments section below. If, by next Saturday, five people have commented, the blog continues. You can encourage friends or family to comment too.

You can also let me know if you would like to see something a little different. This blog is for you. What would you like to see happen with it?

Let me know what you would like to see happen by commenting below.