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Brain Power

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Hello all you wonderful women. As you can see, things are a little different this week. This week's brain activity works better in written format so there is no video. Don't worry, video will be back next week. In the mean time, take a few minutes to read this very important post.

There's been a lot of discussion lately on our brain. With Alzheimer’s being a real concern, people have started thinking more about how we can keep our brain strong and healthy. Exercising our brain is as important as exercising our body, probably more so because our brain runs our body.


Brain Games

​Because of the concern of our brain losing its capacity to function well, games have been created to help stimulate the mind. One of the most popular online versions is Lumosity. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are popular written formats. While these mind-building games do help keep our brain sharp, just like anything else we do, they lose their effectiveness as we start to use them routinely. Speaking two languages and using both hands to do things are other ways to decrease the chances of getting Alzheimer’s but, again, they don't make much difference after a while. The key to a strong brain is to use it to do new things.

New Activities = Strong Brain

Notice I said to DO new things. I knew someone once who thought they could increase their brain power by watching TV. She tried to prove it by telling me all the trivial information she picked up while watching. This passive brain activity does no more for your brain than standing in a vibration belt does to increase muscles in your body. For those of you who don't know what a vibration belt is, you wrap it around a body part, usually your middle, turn it on and it's supposed to vibrate you to a fit body. Unfortunately, passive activity doesn't work for neither your body nor your brain.

Vibration Belt to exercise on Confused to Confident

We must DO something with the information that our brain takes in. We must use the information to create something new. The acts of figuring things out, solving problems, creating new ideas, trying new things, are what keep are brain working strong. All the electrical connections in our brains are strengthened when we use them in new ways.

Brain connections at Confused to Confident

 That’s why the mind games created online are good, they make you figure out how to accomplish the scenario given. It’s also why they lose their effectiveness. Once you have a basic idea of how you can master the problem, just doing it faster or longer doesn’t stretch the brain any longer. Now don’t get me wrong, they can still be great fun, and are certainly better than passively soaking in ideas from watching TV, but they do loose their effectiveness. It’s the same reason you need to mix up working out your body. If you just keep doing sit-ups every day, after a while you won’t lose as much weight as you did in the beginning. Our body and our mind need variety. They need to be stimulated with NEW ideas regularly.

The whole idea of this website is to get you to figure out who you are and what gives you enjoyment in life. The more you exercise your brain with new activities, the more likely you will quickly figure out what brings you joy. So what I'm trying to say is, breaking from the norm is good for your brain and for your life.

Do this week’s activity to start stimulating your brain then continue to find new things to keep it active.

Confused To Confident's Activities Great For Your Brain

Doing the activities each week here is one great way to get your brain doing new things. I give you something new to stretch your brain each week.

Again, notice that I said DOING the activities. Just reading the information doesn’t build strong connections in your brain, you have to act on the information by doing the activity. Really put some thought into the activity this week. I had fun, and exercised my brain, creating it for you.

Activity - Brain Power

This week the activity has two parts. The first is to do the variety of challenges I have given you here. The second part is to create some of your own and share them with us. Save them as a picture and attach them in the comment box.

Most of the challenges here will be unique enough to get your brain working, but the real exercise comes in creating your own activities. Creating your own really puts your brain on turbo boost so please create some and let us have a go at them.

A few of the activities you can do here online but you need to get the answers, and a couple more activities by email. 

Activity 1

You're taking a trip that requires you to go through 9 strange toll booths. At each booth you have to pay the toll using quarters. In the first state, it's a sliding fee scale. You have to pay half of all the quarters you still have with you. They are kind though and each toll booth in this state will give you one quarter back after you pay. The last toll booth is in a different state though and they charge differently. They have a flat rate of two quarters for everyone. They are not so nice though and, if you have more than two quarters with you, they take all of them.

How many quarters should you start out your trip with so you only have to pay the two quarters at the last toll booth?

Activity 2

Find the pattern to fill in the blanks.





Activity 3

If you have five red socks and six blue socks scattered in a drawer, How many socks would you have to pull out to be guaranteed having one pair of the same color?

How many if you want two pairs?

Activity 4

Find the pattern to fill in the blanks.

1, 2, 6, ____