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Hello all you wonderful women. I have to warn you, you may find this post really gross, I’m going to talk about boogers. I need to ask; have you ever picked your nose and ate it? Even if your parents broke you of the habit when you were too young to remember, chances are you did it at one time. As it turns out, we do it naturally as children because it can actually be good for us. Scientific studies have determined that eating boogers can boost your immune system.


Who Comes Up With This Stuff

Before we go any further, I want to know who comes up with these studies, and how they were able to get adults to participate?

It's Scientific

So, scientists have found health benefits to eating boogers, that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you to start picking your nose for lunch, that’s for you to decide. What I am going to point out is, that we need to stop shaming ourselves, and others, for doing things that might be different from the norm. These things may be vital to our lives and we don’t even know it.

Shouldn'ts And Don'ts

Our intuition is squelched by all the “You shouldn’t do this.” and “Don’t do that.” that we get throughout our lives. Intuitively, as children, we know that it can be helpful to us to eat our boogers, but our parents shame us for doing it. This natural, healthy, activity is quickly forced from our lives. Now I don’t know all the things that people shame themselves for, but I do know many of us live with a lot of shame. It’s time to stop shaming ourselves, and start loving ourselves just the way we are, even if we eat our boogers.

Now, before we get to the activity, I do want to say one thing. We definitely must restrain ourselves from doing things that could hurt ourselves or others. Eating poison is not beneficial to anyone and will probably kill you or make you very ill. If something's not harmful though, go for it. No one has ever died from eating boogers so why are we all so against it? 

Keep It Private

You may want to start out slow and do these thing in private but don’t shame yourself for doing them. There are simply things that we do at home that we don’t do in public. That’s ok, it doesn’t mean they are shameful things. Not too many of us would change our clothes out on our sidewalk but changing clothes isn’t shameful. Keeping things private is ok, shaming yourself, or others, for them, is not ok.

For your activity this week, don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to try eating boogers. What I would like you to do though, is to think about some of the things you may do that you shame yourself for.

Activity - No Shame

Step 1

Write down one thing you shame yourself for.

Step 2

Be creative and think of ways that whatever you wrote in step 1 could help you. Be silly, have fun with it. After all who would have thought boogers could be healthy.

Step 3

Every time you go to shame yourself for the activity you listed in step 1, think about all the ways it could be helpful to you, from step 2. This should stop the shaming. 

Step 4

Once you do this for one thing, do it for anything else that you shame yourself for. You can also start doing it for things you shame others for.

Hopefully this will make you laugh and not take things so seriously. It should definitely help you shame yourself and others less.

I’m going to guess that no one will comment below admitting they have always ate their boogers, but leave a comment on things you may shame others for. It will help us all be less shaming. 

Let me know if you tried the "No Shame" activity by commenting below.