Goodbye For Now

Thank you to those who responded to my request for feedback. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough interest to keep going with the blog posts right now. If you are signed up for automatic notifications, you will be notified if I start posting again in the future. In the mean time, you can always go back and redo past blog activities. As life changes, the results can be different. Best of wishes to you all.

Checking In

Welcome to Confused To Confident Where You Decide

Hi all you wonderful women. This week is going to be short. I'm just checking in to see where we’re at. I started this blog last year in an attempt to connect with, and help, women. I haven’t gotten much feedback in the comments or emails so I’m not sure the goal is being accomplished. Please help me evaluate if these posts are a good idea and if they've been helpful to anyone.

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Welcome to Confused To Confident Where Boogers Aren't Bad

Hello all you wonderful women. I have to warn you, you may find this post really gross, I’m going to talk about boogers. I need to ask; have you ever picked your nose and ate it? Even if your parents broke you of the habit when you were too young to remember, chances are you did it at one time. As it turns out, we do it naturally as children because it can actually be good for us. Scientific studies have determined that eating boogers can boost your immune system.

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Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Welcome to Confused To Confident Where We Can Keep Our New Year Resolutions

Hello all you wonderful women. It’s the start of a new year. Many of us use the beginning of the calendar year to start on self-improvement projects. These are best known as “New Year Resolutions”. The problem is, most of us don’t follow through with these resolutions. This week I’m going to explain why our new year resolutions usually dissolve before the end of January and how you can create resolutions that last.

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Christmas Quiz

Welcome to Confused To Confident Where We Celebrate Christmas and Other Holidays

Hello all you wonderful women. I'm going to wrap up the year with a fun quiz to see how much you know about Christmas. I won't have a blog post on Christmas or New Years so, take the time to enjoy the holidays. Remember, if you're feeling overwhelmed with all you have to get done this holiday season, take a couple of minutes to review the post on Enough Time.

You don't have to be Christian to know about Christmas. No matter what your beliefs are, have some fun, give the quiz a shot, and see how you score.

Oh, and by the way, looking up the answers is cheating. This is to see how much you already know.

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Too Much Food

Welcome to Confused To Confident Where We Can Control How Much Food We Eat

Hi all you wonderful women. How many of you ate more food than you would have liked over Thanksgiving, or during any other event for that matter? Pick which statement below best describes WHY you ate more food than your stomach could reasonably hold.

  • a) The food was so great I couldn't stop eating it.
  • b) We sat around the table chatting and I just kept nibbling the food.
  • c) Didn't want the host to think I didn't like the food so I ate everything.
  • d) The food was there so I ate it.
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