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These companies offer great products and services for you and help keep this blog running.

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It's very difficult sometimes to  know what's a good buy or what is totally not worth your money. The best way to find out, without having to try everything yourself, is to ask friends. That's what we are here, friends, and you can come here to get information on products and services I've personally tried and liked. I'll give you the benefits, of using the produce or service, as well as any draw backs I found. And, if  you ever try one of these and have a negative experience, please let me know. 

As a bonus, some of the companies I recommend have an affiliate program. An affiliate company is one who offers to pay for advertising on this site.​ A recommendation from me can be considered advertising. By signing up for the affiliate program, to companies I would recommend anyway, I can help pay to keep Confused to Confident up and current. From your end, I wouldn't want you to purchase anything that you didn't need, or really want, however, if you were thinking of buying a product, or using a service, that is listed here, it would be helpful if you went through this site to get it.​

Let me know if you have any questions on how the program works or have comments on a recommendation. Thanks​

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There are no affiliate programs at this time. Check back in a few months.

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